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"I was petrified before I came in. ..probably more afraid than most. Dr.Jones and his staff completed a thorough exam of my teeth and gums, followed by a well-explained, DETAILED outcome and plan of action. Completed my second visit today - a very deep cavity needed filling. I was seen right on time and was completely satisfied with the entire process and outcome. I especially appreciated Kelly's ability to assuage my fear and apprehension. Great job all around! - Mildred L.

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Fillings in the Future: What a New Study Suggests

July 31, 2018
Posted By: Joshua A. Bryan, DMD

If you have a composite dental filling, it can last between seven and ten years with proper oral care. Obviously having a tooth filled is a good investment! But wouldn’t it be great if they lasted even longer?

How We Use Composite Fillings

First, you should know that we use the term “composite” because the filling material is a combination of plastic and glass. The plastic makes the filling durable, and the glass lends a natural-looking translucent appearance, so the repair blends with your tooth.

The next thing to understand is how a filling is placed. When placing dental fillings in Lewes, DE, our doctors start by carefully removing only the decayed portion of your tooth. In most cases, decay penetrates the outer layer of enamel and reaches the layer beneath called dentin.

Pine Tree Bark Does What?

So, the durability and use you get from a filling are dependent on the bond that’s created between it and the dentin layer. Because dentin is soft, it’s not a good base for the filling, and the reason most fillings crack or fall out is a weak bond.

Recently, though, a study was published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry saying that pine tree bark extracts may be a solution for increasing the lifespan of composite fillings.

The study explains that the University of Illinois at Chicago researchers have discovered that compounds found in pine tree extract alter the chemical structure of the tooth to make it stronger and allow a filling to form a secure bond. The researchers estimate that this may extend the lifespan of a filling by as much as ten years!

Please Call Us to Learn More

There’s no indication that pine tree bark extracts will be a part of dentistry any time soon, but you can count on the team at The Dental Group to provide durable, high-quality fillings that last as long as possible!

Please call us to learn more about our state-of-the-art dental fillings!

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