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"I was petrified before I came in. ..probably more afraid than most. Dr.Jones and his staff completed a thorough exam of my teeth and gums, followed by a well-explained, DETAILED outcome and plan of action. Completed my second visit today - a very deep cavity needed filling. I was seen right on time and was completely satisfied with the entire process and outcome. I especially appreciated Kelly's ability to assuage my fear and apprehension. Great job all around! - Mildred L.

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3 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

November 22, 2017
Posted By: The Dental Group
older woman holding her jaw in pain | root canal lewes de

The bad reputation that root canals have is a holdover from a time decades ago when dentists were limited in their ability to streamline the procedure. Unfortunately, the myth persists, in spite of the fact that improved techniques and state-of-the-art technology make the process more efficient and comfortable than ever before.

A root canal is necessary to remove deep decay or infection from deep inside your tooth. If we don’t treat an infected root canal, at some point it will be necessary to remove the tooth.

Common Signs of Root Canal Infection

Understanding the signs of an infected root canal is crucial so you can seek treatment as soon as possible:

  • Persistent severe pain – Tooth pain is never a good sign, but there’s nothing quite like the pain of an infected root canal. It can be impossible to find relief, even with pain medication. When pain reaches this stage, we need to perform a root canal to relieve your pain.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold – We aren’t talking about a little tingle here; we are referring to a sudden jolt of pain that stops you in your tracks and continues even after the source of heat or cold is removed.
  • Tenderness to touch – Pain when you bite down or tap a tooth with your finger is another sign that you may have an infected root canal

Getting the Care You Need

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to seek treatment immediately. An infected root canal won’t get better on its own, and without treatment, the tooth will ultimately be lost.

At our Lewes, DE dental office, our doctors perform comfortable root canals that relieve your pain, restore your oral health, and allow you to function again. Please call us, and we will get you the help you need!

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