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"I was petrified before I came in. ..probably more afraid than most. Dr.Jones and his staff completed a thorough exam of my teeth and gums, followed by a well-explained, DETAILED outcome and plan of action. Completed my second visit today - a very deep cavity needed filling. I was seen right on time and was completely satisfied with the entire process and outcome. I especially appreciated Kelly's ability to assuage my fear and apprehension. Great job all around! - Mildred L.

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Cavities: Is It Sugar or Bacteria and Yeast?

August 25, 2017
Posted By: The Dental Group
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For years, we have known that sugar is one of the primary culprits in developing tooth decay because the bacteria that sit on your teeth love to feed on sugar! Now, a new study indicates that yeast bacteria called Candida albicans may also be partially responsible.

The important thing to note here is that Candida albicans cannot bind to the bacteria on your teeth unless it is in a sugar-laden environment. More research needs to be done to determine how we can use this information for practical purposes; however, we do know that all three – sugar, bacteria, and yeast – work together to increase the risk for decay.

Protecting Your Family's Oral Health

The dark, moist environment of your mouth is a perfect feeding ground for bacteria.  When you don't remove these bacteria with regular brushing and flossing, they form a sticky film on your teeth. Bacteria feed on carbohydrates, especially refined sugar, and produce acid as a byproduct. It is the sugar that starts the process, but it is the acid that eats away at your dental enamel.

Being aware of this process should help you understand why it is essential for you to monitor your family’s oral hygiene habits. If you have little kids, be aware that they don’t have the motor skills to handle a toothbrush till they’re around six years old. At your next cleaning, be sure to ask your hygienist to show you proper hygiene practices to ensure your family is getting the most out of their brushing efforts.

Call for Your Preventive Cleaning

If you are looking for the best dentist in Lewes, DE to help you keep your oral health on track, please call The Dental Group to arrange an exam and professional cleaning. With proper hygiene and routine dental visits, you can minimize your family’s risk of oral health problems.

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