Emergency Services in Lewes, DE

Emergency Services Lewes DEDental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. It may be as simple as a lost crown or as serious as excruciating tooth pain. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how overwhelming it can feel at first. The professionals at The Dental Group at Carpenter’s Crossing understand this feeling, and that’s why you can count on us to be here for you when you need us most.

It's best not to spend too much time wondering if your problem is severe enough to contact our office. There are certain types of emergencies that require immediate attention to save a tooth, so we encourage you to call us as soon as possible, no matter what emergency you’re experiencing.

Emergency Procedures

Sedative Filling

A tooth may have extensive decay that is developing close to the pulp (nerve), causing irritation and discomfort. We may decide that it’s appropriate to place a medicated filling in the tooth to soothe the pulp and provide an adequate temporary restoration.

Continued painful symptoms are an indication that the pulp has become infected and requires a root canal. However, if there’s only minor sensitivity after the filling has been placed, it’s an indication that the problem has been taken care of. We will continue to monitor the tooth carefully.

Root Canal Infectionemergency dentist lewes de

Symptoms of a root canal infection often start with pain. If you are experiencing severe pain and can’t find relief, please call us right away. This may be a sign of a root canal infection or something more serious. But the important thing is that we see you right away to get you the relief you need and prevent the problem from worsening.

Prompt treatment of a root canal infection is critical. You can count on our gentle and caring team to help you through your procedure with a minimum of stress. Many of us have been there before, so we know just what it takes to keep our patients comfortable.

Tooth Extraction

At The Dental Group, our priority is to preserve teeth, but sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged it simply can’t be repaired and needs to be removed. If we need to perform an emergency extraction, you can be sure that our skilled team will be there to encourage and support you every step of the way.

Pulp Treatment (Pulpotomy)

If your child is experiencing a toothache, it may be that the pulp inside the tooth has become irritated and infected. This type of problem can’t be treated with a filling, and we’ll recommend pulp treatment to give your child relief and save the tooth.

Pulp treatment (also called a pulpotomy) is a procedure where we remove the pulp, sterilize the space, and fill it with dental material. After the procedure, we’ll recommend that a crown be placed on the tooth to protect it from further damage. In a couple days, the tooth will feel and function just like a normal tooth.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Please do not hesitate to contact our Lewes dental office if you or a member of your family are experiencing a dental emergency. We want to help you get the relief you need as quickly as possible.